Let’s talk about one funny but quite annoying problem that many dog parents face.

Sometimes dogs tend to walk a few steps and then stop.

Their humans use treats to lure them to walk more, but then the situation repeats itself.

In the vast majority of cases, there is one and the same mistake being made: from the point of view of the dog, the human rewards them for stopping, and not for starting to walk.

Works like this: once, a dog decided to stop and think for a bit, the human called him for a while, but persuaded him to start moving only with a delicious treat.

The situation happened once, twice, three times — and the dog learnt that in order to receive a nice treat, he has to simply sit and not move until the delicious piece appears in sight.

Then he’ll walk a bit and sit down again. Such a simple and profitable behavior, isn’t it?

So, what can you do then?

First, pull your furry companion a bit (only if he/she is wearing a harness, not a collar!), if your pup starts walking — be happy, praise him/her, but only reward him/her with a treat after some 10–15 steps: for walking, and not for sitting.

If your dog is still not moving — pull him/her forward lightly.

Don’t worry, the harness won’t hurt your pup, but he/she does need to have some decency 😊

This will most probably result in your dog giving up and starting to walk — use that victory, praise him/her actively, start running, playing — and once your pup starts moving properly — you can give him/her a treat.

After that, some dogs often still decide to sit again — make sure to call him/her in a very energetic tone right away.

If your companion continues walking, show how happy you are and praise them.

Usually, it takes around 5–10 minutes for dogs tounderstand that sitting down is not a good strategy anymore.

But remember: you should only use this technique with perfectly healthy, physically and mentally, dogs who are only trying to get a delicious treat out if you!

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