Many specialists believe it’s not the best choice, except for dog shows.

It’s better to avoid collars if your dog pulls on the leash.

Here are the most common health problems that wearing collars may cause:

▫️neck vertebrae injuries
▫️thyroid area injuries
▫️crushed neck muscles, trachea injuries

Constant pains affect how our pet feels on a…

Sometimes dogs “don’t behave”, and we, owners, reinforce this behavior without even realizing it.

And when we do, it’s already too late — the habit is formed.

But the “bad” behavior that you’ve accidentally reinforced can be corrected ⬇️

1️⃣ Make problematic behavior impossible.

If your dog does something, you praise him/her for it…

It is not hard to train your furry friend to jump out of the car in a safe, calm way! 👍

The goal is to make sure your dog sits calm and doesn’t barge through the door the moment it opens. They should jump out and immediately approach you, their favorite…

Why do we enjoy talking to our dogs?

Firstly, let’s face it, your dog is nearly an ideal listener.

Your pup will never interrupt you, or wave his/her paw in a dismissive manner, saying: “That’s all cool, but you have to hear that thing that happened to ME the other day…”, springing…

🐶 What should you know about washing your dog correctly?

💧If your dog is long-coated, make sure to brush him/her before washing.
💧Don’t forget about a rubber mat, so that you pet doesn’t slip and slide.
💧Wash your dog when they get dirty.
Generally, it’s once or twice a month, with dog shampoo. In…

Let’s talk about one funny but quite annoying problem that many dog parents face.

Sometimes dogs tend to walk a few steps and then stop.

Their humans use treats to lure them to walk more, but then the situation repeats itself.

In the vast majority of cases, there is one…


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